Has your toilet stopped flushing?  Is it making strange, abrasive

noises after you flush, or does your toilet constantly run (wasting up

to 200 gallons of water every day)?  Is there low water pressure, or no

water in the shower, or does the water temperature go from hot to

cold when someone flushes a toilet elsewhere in the house?

The bathroom is full of potential plumbing pitfalls and disasters, and

while some you can DYI, others require professional help and ongoing

maintenance.  Call Lighthouse Plumbing today to have a licensed,

professional plumber come out to evaluate your bathroom plumbing


Bathroom or Powerdroom  Services From bathroom remodeling to clogged bath or shower drains, Lighthouse Plumbing, Inc. has the solution for you! Clogged Toilet, Sink, Bath, or Shower Whirlpool Bath Problems Faucet, Sink, or Bathroom Fixture Trouble Repair Noisy or Wobbly Toilet Comfort Height Toilet Installation Low Water Pressure or No Water Bathroom Remodel or Renovation
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